Lonely Planet uvrstio Istru među 10 najboljih destinacija Europe u 2019. godini

Lonely Planet - Best in Europe 2019
Lonely Planet as one of the most popular travel web site and guide publisher is a favourite source of content for many world travellers. For the seventh year in a row the renowned publisher has listed ten priority tourism destinations in Europe that should be in focus of the world travellers and Istria is in elite company gaining this year a prestigious acknowledgement Best in Europe 2019.

The Best in Europe 2019 list is made by Lonely Planet travel experts who have been travelling each corner of the world enjoying many interesting experiences that can be found on our planet, for almost 45 years.  They shared with their readers useful advices about where are the actual 'focus points' on the continent – from the destinations that offer new specific experiences to the places that should still be discovered, till the everlasting favourite destinations that have always something new to offer.

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